80 Acres: Local & Thoughtful Skin Care

Many locals know of McEvoy Ranch, the stunning olive oil ranch located on Petaluma’s outskirts.  McEvoy has been producing top notch olive oil for years – harvesting and milling all its oil on site at the ranch.  But what many people are just beginning to learn is that McEvoy also uses its oil to create rich and luxurious body care products under its brand 80 Acres.


Crafted with the same care and commitment as its olive oil, 80 Acres body products are infused with estate-produced 100% organic extra virgin olive oil as well as vitamin rich plant extracts and botanicals inspired by the wealth of natural elements present on and around the ranch.  Products, which range from body wash and lotion to body salts and balms, come in three fragrances:

  • Verde – earthy and redolent of basil, tomato leaf, and freshly cut grass, this is 80 Acres signature scent;
  • Blood Orange – a blend of refreshing citrus fruits with hints of neroli, vetiver and jasmine;
  • Lavender – a Sonoma County classic, lavender is combined with hints of ylang ylang, lemon and lime.

Olive oil is a superior moisturizer as it provides hydrating lipids that are readily absorbed into skin; it is rich in anti-oxidants; it forms a perfect barrier to protect skin from irritants; and it contains vitamins A and E to help repair and renew skin.  In addition to the quality of the products, you can also feel confident that everything at 80 Acres is produced with sustainability in mind – all products are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, petroleum and gluten free;  other than beeswax, products contain no animal-based ingredients and there is no animal testing of 80 Acres products; packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials; and McEvoy generates all its own electricity via its on-site wind turbine.

B Street Mercantile is honored and delighted to sell 80 Acres.  We continue to add to our selection of products as we see more and more people become devotees of 80 Acres!